History of the Netherlands: E09: Weaving Our Way Through Flanders (A Wooly Good Episode)

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Continuing on our jaunt through Dutch history, episode 9 of HOTNL focuses on the wool industry in Flanders in the 1200s. We take an imaginative journey through the process of being transformed from raw wool a sheep’s back to being a fine piece of cloth. After that, we investigate the rising power of craft guilds in the low lands, and see how the city of Bruges became an international centre of commerce. We also manage to chuck in a few obscure Australian cricket references, which we also find enjoyable. It’s a wooly good episode!

You can find the show notes and episode here: https://www.republicofamsterdamradio.com/episodes/historyofthenetherlands/episode-9-weaving-our-way-through-flanders-a-wooly-good-episode

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