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Son of Iniquity - Episode 9: The Effects

Martin Luther would see immediate impacts of his resistance on the world around him, but he would die before some of the most cataclysmic effects occurred. Arguably, we are still living through them as their reverberations echo through time. In this episode we summarise some of the consequences of Luther's resistance.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 8: Hold!

Like a burning-hot microphone, Luther had dropped his theology onto the stage of European society. The Church was tardy in its response, standing at the back of the crowd, generally just disturbed by the noise. The general population began to grab a hold of these reforming ideas and Luther began to clarify and solidify his position. Stubbornly, that position would not change.

In this episode we cover the next several years of Luther's rebellion against the most powerful authority the world had ever known.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 7: The Accident of Great Resistance

It's tempting to imagine that Luther dropped a bombshell when he released his theses. However, it was more like he stuck a paper-bag full of theologically important dog-poo outside the Church's front door. The Church did not answer the doorbell, and while Luther went about telling people why he'd done it, the flaming-poo-bag set the whole house ablaze. His theology was now in the open and thanks to the quick hands of his supporters and the availability of the printing press, Luther's ideas started becoming popular. This, however, would bring its own problems...

In this episode, we look at Luther's 95 theses, what he did with them, and what they did to everyone else.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 6: Indulge Me These Theses

Corruption had been given a thousand years to entwine itself within the administrative and dogmatic structure of the Church. Indulgences were an example of money being paid in exchange for spiritual benefit. The Pope held control over everybody's soul so, well, you may as well do what you can to make the Pope happy. Who could have a problem with this kind of practice?

Martin Luther. That's who.

In this episode we look at indulgences: where they came from, and what they could get you.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 5: The Second Resistance

Between the years 1510-1520 Luther lectured in Wittenberg on the Psalms, the books of Hebrews, Romans and Galatians. This would take him on a mad spiritual trip that would come to reconcile himself with God. Better than ayahuasca, faith alone is all that Martin wanted.In this episode we dabble in a bit of monkish mind magic, peering into this fan-dangled theology of Martin Luther.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 4: Temporal Vs Spiritual

Luther lived in the state of the Saxony, within the Holy Roman Empire. The dominance of the Church pervaded through all aspects of the society, but within the framework of the spiritual domain. The temporal domain structure wielded rule in the physical world. These two power structures were interconnected and interdependent.

In this episode we go a little into this complicated and somewhat ridiculous power complex. Ooooh yea.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 3: Luther the Monk

Luther's solution to his over-bearing thoughtfulness about the world was to become a monk. What a radical! His time in the monastery would help shape many things that he would stand for and many things that he would stand against.

In this episode, we go through Luther's transition and travel with him to Rome, where he will learn how monking is really done and climb some very special stairs. Say your pater nosters folks, it's about to get real.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 2: The First Resistance

Before he became an earth-shattering theologian, Martin Luther was on the path to becoming a lawyer. But after being struck by perhaps the most influential lightning bolt in history, his life was forever changed and the world would get one less lawyer. In this episode we look at Luther’s early life, and look at his first rebellion; that against his parents.

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Son of Iniquity - Episode 1: The Authority

500 years ago Martin Luther stood up to the might and authority of the Roman Catholic Church. Pitted against the most established institution in European history, Luther would bear and wield an idea that should have gotten him killed.

Instead, he rode a wave of luck and circumstance to stand up for what he believed in, against everything that was thrown at him. Those beliefs turned out to be of such magnitude that they would usher in a whole new world, forever reeling from and expanding upon the resistance of Martin Luther.

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